Trailside finds

Easy Hikes to the Hidden Past – Pikes Peak Region Edition

Hiking is more that getting from one point to the next. It is the exploration, discovery and satisfaction of being in nature. Forest bathing is a thing.

I tend to be distracted easily on a hike; probably because the mind is more relaxed and open, beyond the daily routine. Little hikes are my favorite, and stopping to enjoy the sensory input that is so far from the experiences of daily life. If I spot a piece of manmade history in the wild, I’m in my happy place. Then I overthink it by trying to figure out the story.

That led to this website and this website led to a book.   

Typical trailside find: An antique water faucet.

My writing and hiking partner, Tim Jones, is a hiker with much more real world experience, with over 100 hikes to fourteener summits and the entire Colorado Trail from end to end. He has the real hiking chops, I get sidetracked by a piece of trailside history.

. . . it was wise to keep the blasting caps in a separate bunker away from the explosives.

Have you ever wondered about the route you hike? There are so many good hiking books on the shelves about this beautiful area, and there are books about the local history. Easy Hikes to the Hidden Past, is the best of both worlds. We will take you on a hike and discover the history of the vicinity in hidden clues and artifacts along the trail guided by detailed maps highlighting points along the way.  

Find this book on the shelves at REI, Poor Richards, The Broadmoor Shops and Covered Treasures in Monument, and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Colorado Springs didn’t have natural mineral springs like Manitou Springs. Wanna bet?

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2 thoughts on “Trailside finds

  1. This book was a welcome and unexpected find. I’ve quickly taken to making sure a hike I am about to do isn’t covered within because if it is I’m always looking to see some of those unexpected finds. I’d noticed a few of them myself- I suspect we have similar hiking styles and motivations- and this book was first to fill in some of the blanks- kudos.


  2. Thank you for the kind words, Vince. We have been happy to find that there are like-minded explorers out there.
    Have fun out there!
    Rocky and Tim


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