The only way that the general public can explore this attraction is as a guest of the lodge.  In the summer their flag may be seen silhouetted in the sky from below.

To view from a distance, this lodge and the cabin built on the sight of an old fire overlook can be seen from St Mary’s Dome on Gold Camp Road using good binoculars.    Another good spot is on lower gold camp road just before it turns into pavement.  You will be able to see the lodge and row of cabins in the trees.  Strong binoculars or a telescope is needed.

By driving through the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and past the Will Rogers Shrine, Spencer Penrose’s Cheyenne Mountain Lodge had quite a view from the top at 9,200 feet.   Not near the antenna farm, but on the lesser summit to the north.    Locals know this location as “The Horns”.  The lodge shown in the photo above existed from 1926-1978.


In 2014, the Broadmoor built the amazing Cloud Camp on the foundation of the old lodge.   The rock wall and stairway are still there, but the building now has the appearance of a national park lodge.  This before-and-after photo compares 1926 & 2015.  The rock wall and the right stairway are still in use and the flag is still flown from the original flag pole.  You can spot the two-tiered rock wall behind the trees in this snowy photo from 2015.

Information of the new facility may be found on Broadmoor’s website: