The United States Olympic Training Center is located in what used to be the Ent Air Force Base.   The origin of NORAD was at this location before it was built into the base of Cheyenne Mountain.   Monitoring the DEW line during the cold war, this duty was moved to the NORAD operation inside Cheyenne Mountain in the 1960’s.  It was said at the time that the entire operation could be taken out by an educated bazooka shot from Boulder Street.   It sounds like the Cheyenne Mountain move was a wise choice.  The base was closed in the 1970’s.

Explore the Olympic Training Center.   Free tours and a great gift shop.

By the way, it is named after WWII General Ent, pronounced Ent, not E.N.T.   The large Ent Credit Union is one of the last vestiges of the name.

Air Force veterans, if you have corrections, please let me know!