Thank You, PPLD

Did you know that when the Penrose Library was built downtown that they saved some architectural gems? You probably knew that the Antlers Garage was saved, at least the façade, and you can still drive through the “doors” to access the lower parking lot.

Did you know that attached to the back of the Penrose Library is the original 1905 Carnegie Library building? It was not only preserved but now houses a fantastic collection of archives. This beautiful old building can be accessed through the Penrose Library.

I bet you didn’t know that when the Marksheffel Garage was torn down to make way for the library, that an ornate ring around the clock on the face of the building was spared. LOVE MAKES TIME GO. TIME MAKES LOVE GO.

This ring is in the garden behind the Van Briggle building on Uintah and Glen, circling a large sculpture of Artus Van Briggle’s Lorelei vase.

Did you know that I don’t own the rights to any of the photos on this page? All but two were pulled from the Pikes Peak Library District’s (PPLD) expansive digital archives. Check it out!

Thank you, PPLD!

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One thought on “Thank You, PPLD

  1. Oh, these are wonderful, I had no idea about that ring around the clock! Thank you for sharing this info.


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