Pikes Peak Cog Train and Summit House Construction Updates

Dear tourists and locals: We all know that the Pike Peak adventure is changing. We all remember the outdated summit house and we couldn’t get enough of the cog train. That is all changing… for the better.

If you are as curious as I have been, you will enjoy this. Many of these links are live or frequently updated, some are not, so some of this article will be happily out of date in a few months as the progress continues.

The Cog Train is being completely rebuilt. The 1964 Summit House is being replaced and the work on the cog and summit house are both moving on quite well. I have been following their progress and scoured the web for details; I thought it would be nice to share these links with you.

First of all, the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Fun fact: The old summit house looks east, over the city and the plains to Kansas. The new summit house is turned to the southeast, framing Mount Rosa, telling the story of Zebulon Pike’s closest view of the mountain that would be later named after him.

Google Earth: I live by google earth and can’t get enough of it. The latest satellite photography was October 2019 just before everything slowed down for winter. If you are a Google Earth fan, check it out.This is a screenshot of ties staged at Windy Point. The Cog roadbed just looks like a big dirt road!

This is a link to the Cog Railway’s ongoing updates on the installation.  

Check out this live webcam from the new summit house, looking at where the track once was, and will soon be again.

I took the following photos in the Summer 2019

The end of the line no longer has a line.
Looking south from the end of the line. The boarding platform and the summit house on the right. Summer of 2019. This area is now cleaned and new track is being installed, starting from the top.
The frequently photographed mileage sign at the end of Barr Trail lies forgotten on the rocks.

The old cog rail had two toothed racks side by side and the trains had side-by-side cog wheels. The new rail will have a single rack for the cog to climb.

Now for a view of the Pikes Peak Summit House

I was in the audience for several of the preliminary meetings on the proposed replacement for the summit house. This video gives an excellent idea of the summit house to come.

Here is an interior walkthrough of the summit house at 50% completion July 2020.

Pikes Peak Summit Complex – Early Logistics Youtube Video.

The city of Colorado Springs has eight fixed webcams on the roof of the old summit house. This link is a keeper.

The new summit house – June 2020

I hope this answered some questions and built some anticipation for the reopening of these two Colorado Springs landmarks! ….. Rocky

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