Twenty easy hikes, with finds along the way

Newly updated for 2022 !

Your guidebook to trailside historic finds.

There are many good trail hiking books available for the Pikes Peak Region and throughout the state of Colorado. There are several good books about the history of the region. This book is unique in that it combines adventuring in the outdoors with learning about and exploring for hidden relics of a rich past that tell a story of the people and the achievements of special interest to the region.

Unsolicited comment: I have been LOVING your book “Easy Hikes to the Hidden Past” — man it’s so much fun.   Brian P.

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Easy Hikes to the Hidden Past

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Rocky Shockley and T. Duren Jones’ Easy Hikes to the Hidden Past offers seasoned hikers some familiar sites to visit along with new ideas for making the treks more meaningful. Novices will find the opportunity to explore local history as well as nature in its pages. OLD COLORADO CITY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Larry P

I forgot that I was out to get my exercise because they had me busy looking for historical clues along the way.

Lindsey C

I skipped around the chapters, finding ones that fit my idea for the day. It is laid out exactly the way I want. I know how long the hike is and how difficult the hike will be.

Mary S

I got to try one of the hikes before I purchased the book and I’m sold. My Christmas shopping list will be easy this year.

We will bet that you have walked by this girder foundation and have not seen it hidden in the brush right next to your trail.
HINT: It has a story to tell and is tied to a notable historic event in Manitou Springs.

This book is a must read for all hikers and local adventurers!  It’s filled with tips for the most memorable hiking (or driving) experiences.  The history of each location takes the hiker on a journey well beyond the trail.  The maps are especially helpful in finding the trails, and the trail ratings will help me plan my next hike.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and observations!  I would recommend this book as the perfect gift for the hikers (and even the “drive by and lookers”) on your gift-giving list.   Michelle Barrette, The New Falcon Herald

It is a simple truth that the more you learn about a valued friend the more you love them.  The trails in this book, the very ones that I have been hiking for the past 35 years, are even more special to me now.  They will no longer be just trails with pretty creeks and flowers, yummy berries in the summer, coyote tracks in the snow or one more cool quartz rock.  Our bond goes much deeper now that we have ‘history’.  Thank you Rocky and Tim for sharing your knowledge and love for this beautiful area and helping me to love it more too.  Sasha Burke Manager, Seven Falls

We will take you to Rattlesnake Gulch

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