How to easily view downtown Colorado Springs’ progress behind all of those construction barriers

Downtown Colorado Springs is changing fast. It has always been a cool downtown, but this year several notable projects are in the works at the same time. The Olympic Museum is going to open soon, but did you know there is an impressive bridge in the works that will pass over the railroad tracks to connect it to the America Beautiful Park? Have you seen how West Vermijo Avenue in front of the Olympic Museum is being transformed into a picturesque approach?

The bridge is being constructed at ground level. Soon it will span the railyard behind the Olympic and Paralympic Museum in downtown Colorado Springs.

Have you tried to see the progress only to be stopped by closed roads, utility construction and detour signs? Have you driven by the new CC hockey arena under construction with a wish to see more?

The Switchbacks stadium is going up so fast. The necessary construction is routing traffic safely away, but that only makes us more curious to see the progress.

I recently discovered a solution to our raging curiosity that I would love to share. You could park and walk circles around the three separate construction areas downtown at a safe and unobtrusive distance but there is a better way. Those are some pretty big circles to walk, especially the Olympic Museum.

Electric bike share station

Pike Ride Bikeshare has electric bicycles stationed all over downtown Colorado Springs. They are easy to check out, easy to ride, (especially thankful for the assist uphill) and affordable. You can ride circles around the three construction sites from an safe distance but stop when and where you want to get a better view.

You can witness the inside of the hockey arena before it is enclosed. The interior of the Switchbacks stadium is quite visible now. You can even get a view of the sleek new  bridge being constructed behind the Olympic Museum before it is lifted in to place. Check out West Vermijo Avenue as it is being transformed to a photogenic approach to the museum. Use caution not to cross construction barriers in the area.

Museum and bridge as seen through the Julie Penrose Fountain in America the Beautiful Park

Along the way you can experience the progress of the Legacy Loop trail around the city and not be exhausted after your ride. Download the Pike Ride app on your phone, scan the code on the bike of your choice, and off you go.

Way to go, downtown Colorado Springs. The best part is that this still counts as exercise.

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