Exploring the lesser known Pikes Peak Region

Beyond Colorado Springs' Attractions – Historical Exploration

Do something. Explore. Enjoy.

Do you already have the t-shirts and decals?  Do you wish to explore beyond the surface of the attractions in the Pikes Peak region?

This site has been created for you, seeking to explore beyond and behind the attractions.

There are a broad range of explorations on this website for every level of capabilities.   Some points can be seen from you car window, others require a hike.  Most of these posts fall somewhere between these two.

Everyone that is familiar with Colorado Springs knows about the many tourist attractions that the area has to offer.   They are all worth exploring. Some are more interesting that others, some are free, some are pricy but the tourist attractions are all worth the experience.

Tourism created this city and tourism is still a large part of what this city has become.   I hope this site provides some interesting facts, many hours of exploration of our beautiful area, or at the very least, some trivia that you will enjoy.

By bike, foot or car, there are explorations waiting for you, and this small website will help get a few people started exploring beyond the surface of the attractions.

Top of Swisher Trail
Your elated author celebrating at the top of the trail.

Comments, additions and corrections are welcomed and encouraged.

Lets go!

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One thought on “Do something. Explore. Enjoy.

  1. Thank you for this site. I grew up in CS and still learned new things about our beautiful city, fantastic! Can’t wait to get out and discover them.

    Liked by 1 person

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