Nine Engraved Boulders

Have you been curious about the 9 engraved boulders in Garden of the Gods?

We have the answer. There is no information or signage next to the stone markers, but there is a boulder-by-boulder website that will explain it all.

Thanks to the Friends of Garden of the Gods, you can follow the Gateway to Geology trail into the park and backwards in time. Your 3/4-mile journey will end in the heart of the garden.

Start: Park in the unpaved lot at the main entrance from 30th street. Cross the entrance road to the paved trail. Turn left and locate the Pierre Shale boulder.

What is up with all the construction on 30th street at the Garden of the Gods entrance? I’m glad you asked. A large round-a-bout is being built to handle the heavy summer traffic. Unfortunately, it won’t be completed until the summer of 2023.

1 Pierre Shale 4 Benton 7 Lykins
2 Mesa Gravels 5 Dakota 8 Lyons
3 Niobrara 6 Morrison 9 Fountain

This information is also available in a 4-page PDF. Gateway to Geology Brochure.

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