KitTravelsHikeFor my entire adult life, I have had a fascination with the history of the local tourist attractions and natural wonders of my home town.    

There is so much to see and do in this part of the country.  Natural wonders, man-made wonders and places that were created to get the tourist dollar.   Many have come and gone.

I love to research, explore and share the trivia that I have experienced over the years.  On a hike a few years ago, a friend had suggested that I dump all of my local explorations from my internal memory onto virtual paper.

I have worked in the tourism industry most of my life.   At one time, I worked at the High Point Camera Obscura in the Garden of the Gods  The building is gone and all that is left is parking lot and overlook at the top of Ridge Road.  In my teen years, we lived in Pleasant Valley, and the Garden of the Gods was our weekend playground.  Most of my career has been working in hotels in Colorado.   I am currently a seasonal Ranger and Hiking Guide at Cloud Camp on the north summit of Cheyenne Mountain.

I suggest the book Newport In The Rockies by Marshall Sprague.   Another wonderful resource is the Pikes Peak Atlas by Robert Ormes and Robert Houdek.  This map has been an indispensable resource for me and countless others.   Matt Carpenter’s website has a great deal of information.   (No, I haven’t run the Pikes Peak ascent.  Hiking it pushes my limits!)

I have created a list for you of some of my favorite research sources at Resources for your Exploration.

By the way, the “CSCO” of this internet address came from Colorado Springs COlorado.

If you have facts that you would care to add to this website or a correction to make, I would love to hear it.

Happy explorations,

Rocky Shockley

Top of Swisher Trail
Celebrating the top of the Swisher Trail